Featherbeats is a British Lifestyle Brand specialising in Men and Women’s sports luxe activewear.

The ‘Limited edition’ collections, include 25 pieces per item, keeping the brand fresh, making our customers feel special by each having their own individual style.

‘Capsule’ base pieces will always be available in the same styles and materials but different colours.

Both collections use high performance fabrics.

At Featherbeats, we believe that fitness is a part of an experience and personal journey.
A mixture of lifestyle choices to benefit you with an all round healthy body and mind.
We provide health and beauty tips and blogs that work with our active lives as well as sport luxe fashion wear that works with our modern and fast moving, active lives.

“A journey of thousand miles must begin with one step”

Two creative business minds came together; with one mind with 17 years experience from working in Design, Production and Manufacturing with the added experience  in working for one of the biggest Record Companies in the world.

Eyes opened to popular catwalk fashion,  experience and insight into the upcoming brands and musical artist flavours and trends

The other mind 17 years of experience in being active and working for one of the largest fitness corporations of today as well as competing in profession sports from a young age.

Together,  we put our own stamp on an ever- evolving market…& bring global trends locally.

“The best research you can do is talk to people”

Embracing the fitness world we are at the grassroots of the industry; We know the fabrics and materials we want to wear when we train and what we want the fabrics to feel like when we leave the gym or finish training. We are lucky that we have the customer insight on our doorstep and have listened to opinions from fitness peers, fitness enthusiasts and friends that train regularly with and around us.

The same words spring to mind – Luxe versatility, Look good, feel good, anywhere, anytime.

“I don’t do fashion I am fashion”

With that feedback in mind, we have researched fabrics and materials worldwide, liaising with the best manufacturers in the business that support and care about what they produce without compromise to the customer.

Even though FB5 is British born, the quality is the most important thing to us. We use three main worldwide manufacturers that bring variety to the brand.

One produces more technical high performance sportswear and is based in the UK, while the others are authentic Fightwear companies, based in the UK and India.

“Life isn’t perfect but your outfit can be”

At Featherbeats, a team of super user creatives and ambassadors were gathered together to focus on building and developing the identity of the brand, from simple things such as a garment swing tag, to social media and website testing.

This same group were involved in reviewing the samples and design of each item, looking at the process of printing techniques and how these chosen processes would react with the selected fabrics and materials.

All clothing patterns, samples and materials have been fully tested before proceeding into Production, ensuring that we bring to you the highest level of quality Sports Luxe Activewear

We hope you love wearing Featherbeats

Creativity is contagious so lets get creative together…

Sherry Davies  & Dan Foot Founders of FB5 Studios and Featherbeats Luxe activewear