Photo Caption: MEMBER PROFILE: Laura Robinson
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Laura Robinson, 29
Where’s Home:
South Woodford
What do you do:
I run my own online business @myiconstory
Workout Frequency:
5-6 times per week
Favourite Class:
This is a tough one as there are so many I like. It’s a tie between Body Combat, GRIT and Body Attack
What you love about Featherbeats:
They’re not your average gym! Featherbeats has a boutique feel but with big ambition.
Tell us something about yourself we don’t know:
When I was 15 and 16 I won Long Jump District Champion
#motivationmonday #fb5 #featherbeats #workoutmode #ourmembersrock #strongwoman #fitnesslife

Photo taken at: Featherbeats Studios

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