Featherbeats introduces a number of tailored membership packages to meet the clients individual needs.

The Functional Training membership is small group training of up to 10 people which is programmed around technique, progressive overload and working on a combination of cardio and functional movements, strengthening overall performance. These are specific sessions tailored towards competitive goal focused sessions Hyrox training, or functional training style programs such as FT-30, FT-Elite, FT-LIFT and MET CON. These sessions can be categorised into everyday and elite levels.

On the other hand,

The Studio membership is geared towards a variety of freestyle fitness classes for and more geared towards cardiovascular, strength and performance training, such as Total Body Conditioning, LBT, Booty classes, Core, Sculpt, Hiit, Spin, as well as branded classes such as Les Mills BODYATTACK, BODYPUMP, BODYCOMBAT and the powerhouse brand of ZUMBA.

Featherbeats is proud to offer a holistic and wellbeing instructor team offering a timetable of Yin, Vinyasa, Flow & Restore, Dynamic, one breath, one movement, one meditate, Rocket Yogas and Pilates.

All Classes are offered across all levels.

TO BOOK A TOUR AT THE STUDIO BY APPOINTMENT ONLY T: 0208 505 9462 / E: INFO@FEATHERBEATS.CO.UK. (All monthly memberships are worked out Pro rota. No joining fee. Cancellation fee will be the notice period according to the signed contract

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